About this blog

This blog is dedicated to a book.

It is my dog-eared copy of the Norton Anthology of American Postmodern Poetry. An impressive volume of poetry compiled by Paul Hoover in the 1990s. It covers the entire range of late 20th century American poetry from the New York School to the Language poets, from Beat to procedural work, from Black Mountain to performance. 
The book includes some big names like Charles Olson, Charles Bukowski, Frank O’Hara, Allen Ginsberg, John Ashberry and Susan Howe. But there are also many names less well-known who seem almost in danger of being forgotten.
In this blog I will go through them all. A poet at a time I will talk about all of the 103 poets mentioned in the book, offering information about them and their work, my own thoughts and what I liked about them. But in addition to this, I will also post one poem I wrote myself in response to their poetry published in the Norton Anthology. It is mainly an exercise task for me, working with the external material and creating my own texts in response to another (far better) poet.
The aim for this blog is to write 2 posts a week, which will make this a 1-year project.
It will be a challenge. And it will be fun.

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