Sunday, 29 March 2015

John Giorno

I am sure John Giorno is one of the coolest people on the planet.
Visit his website and you will be greeted with him standing in front of a wall of giant posters proclaiming “It’s not what happens, it’s how you handle it”, “We gave a party for the gods and the gods all came” and “Life is a killer”. If one things is for certain it is that with John Giorno poetry is alive. Paul Hoover calls Giorno the “leader in the development of poetry as performance and entertainment medium” and there is loads to see of that – not just in his written poetry but also in the various recordings by the Giorno Poetry Systems. I definitely recommend browsing through the sounds which are available on his website, featuring names like John Cage and Allen Ginsberg, Patty Smith, William Burroughs, Anne Waldman and Laurie Anderson – told you he was cool.

~ - ~

Life is the worst decisions
After John Giorno

I wish you could
say something
for certain. I
hover. Feeling lo-res
acting out updates.
They are laughing too loud.
Someone is
always online.
They are laughing
way too loud
someone is always
online. The vibrations
down to the
bone. I
meet. I
need to post.

Eyes wide at 3am by
blue light and
nervous. I
make the worst
decisions when
I am thinking
too much. I
make the worst
I am still typing.
He is
typing. I
make the
worst decisions when
I am thinking too

Sunlight in my
highlights and large
with a lo-fi filter.
That’s the trick
that works best.
I look the success
I have.
I look success.
I look success.
it. We all filter.
I am a selective
human and maybe
not so. We
all filter. I
make the worst
decisions on
a Saturday night.

and ones add
up to
a pretty big number.
I am user-generated too.
I am generated.
I generate
full-time even when I
shouldn’t. There’s a
on pretty
much everything.
You can follow me.
You can follow me
anywhere. My trail smells
expensive. Comes cheap.
There’s a tag on
much everything.

I am up to date.
I am tactile.
I am intuitive.
I have feel.
I stay connected.
I stay connected.
I feed you if you feed me.

I am hashing things. 140
at a time. I am
cutting. My most rigorous
editor. I am hashing
things. An incision down the
spine. I make
the worse decisions
when I am
trying. I cut
myself. I make the
worse decisions.
I am online.
Life is a

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